ZODIAK products are the Trading name of the GRG high quality ceiling tiles for KGCF, manufactured from high grade gypsum powder, empowered with fine and clean fiber glass mesh. It has all features and benefits to be the best durable, safe, healthy and workable choice for internal decorating designs/finishes..The main two product lines of ZODIAK brand covers the requirements for both of the movable T-Shaped suspension ceiling system, and the plain fixed units system.

ZODIAK Plain Ceiling Tile is natural product, made of pure Gypsum powder, special alkali-resistant fibers, supported with full-sized fiberglass reinforcement mesh, for extraordinary strength.

Its produced under advanced and accurate manufacturing process, to produce high quality ceiling tiles with improved features and make it the ultimate best option for internal decorating works for the residential and the commercial projects due to its unique features:


ZODIAK Tiles offers high durability features due to the 2 methods reinforcement in the same ime, chops of fiberglass and an Alkali Resistant fiberglass mesh.

Fire Resistant

ZODIAK Tiles has high fire resistance,

Laboratory fire tests results

  • Did not catch fire
  • No smoke Developed
  • No Glow and debris separation


ZODIAK Tiles antibacterial features make it the best healthy choice for Hospitals, Dispensaries,

  • Environment friendly.
  • doesn’t cause pollution.
  • Free of Asbestos and toxic elements
  • Free of chemicals

Light Reflection

Used for better light distribution and reflection, mostly at art galleries, museums, offices and all commercial purposes,