ZODIAK Acoustical ceiling tiles comply to the following international standards:

  • European standard No. EN-14246
  • GCC Countries Standard no. GSO EN 14246:2011
  • Kuwaiti Standard no. KWS GSO EN 14246:2017


  • Non-combustible gypsum casting plaster 
  • Mixed with chopped glass fibres 
  • Reinforced with an extra 10 mmx10 mm. glass fibre mesh.


Dimensions: Length (600 mm). / Width (600 mm). 
Thickness: Standard (22 mm).
Custom thicknesses available.
Tolerances: ± 3 mm.
Point Loading: Each Zodiak® Acoustical Ceiling accepts a point load of up to 13 kg without the need of a hook
Paint: Factory pre-painted, Zodiak® leaves the factory ready for installation directly, no additional painting is required


Zodiak® Acoustical Ceiling are manufactured from high grade gypsum, natural product that is easily machined, incombustible, contains no hazardous substances, have excellent resistance and protection from fire and offers high isolation levels and high acoustic absorption.


  • Zodiak® Acoustical Ceiling has excellent moisture resistance and can be used in areas of high humidity including covered external areas.
  • Tested in an atmosphere of 95 % RH at 21 deg C for 14 days, the tiles did not sag or distort and showed only minimal increase in weight.


Zodiak® are rated Non-Combustible as defined in BS 476.

Surface spread of flames

Zodiak® are rated Class 1 for surface spread of flames as defined in ASTM E84-18.

Smoke and Toxic Fume Emission

Zodiak® Acoustical Ceiling is zero rated for smoke and emission of toxic fumes.


Sound absorption:

  • High performance perforated Zodiak® Acoustical Ceiling are able to achieve Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) of 0.83,


Zodiak® tiles are reinforced by 2 methods at the same time, Chops of fiber-glass and an Alkali Resistant fiber-glass mesh (10x10mm) to guarantees excellent isolation, best resistance and less weight per square meter.

Sound Attenuation

  • Tests have confirmed Sound Transmission Coefficients (STC) of 38 using proper partition head seals.


Zodiak® cares for quality of life. Its fabrication does not cause any pollution, it does not contain asbestos or toxic elements and its characteristics (fire resistance, free from chemicals, hygrometric regulator, acoustic absorption, etc.) are elements which ensure utmost comfort, health and security.
Zodiak® tiles will not support the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms.


Thermal conductivity: 0.45 W/mK (K.value) passed ASTM C 518.


Light reflectance of finished tiles is estimated at 75 %


Under normal conditions, Zodiak® Acoustical Ceiling will not deteriorate and can last for the lifetime of the building.

Transport , handling & storage

Zodiak® Acoustical Ceiling is shrink-wrap supplied or packed in cardboard cartons. Cartons should be stacked in the vertical position only, never flat; the stack should be a maximum of 3 high. Similarly, tiles should be stacked vertically when waiting fixing.


  • With a few exceptions, the tiles are designed for installation on a standard 24mm exposed metal T-grid.
  • Grid Hanging centers depend on the weight of tiles used and will be specified by the grid manufacturer; the recommended dimension should be strictly followed.


Tiles can be easily cut on site using a carpenter’s fine tooth saw; the tiles should be placed face up on a flat, clean surface for cutting.


Lay – in tiles are easily removed at any time by simply lifting them out, thus providing excellent access to services etc. installed in the ceiling void.


Clean the Zodiak® Acoustical Ceiling with a slightly damp cloth or, tiles can even be washed in a bath using a mild detergent solution.